Services & Areas of Activity

With over 15 years of experience in the field of coatings and surface analysis, our team draws on in-depth know-how and precise knowledge of the industry.

The development and production of high-quality coatings, for example for corrosion protection or biocompatible coatings, is our main activity. In addition, we analyze and characterize a wide variety of surfaces for composition, durability, resistance, elasticity and more.  Finally, Limedion takes on tasks in the areas of consulting, basic research, applied research and development, product optimization and equipment design for industry and research institutes.

Metallography on a zinc alloy

Applied processes

The main applied processes are vapor deposition (CVD, PVD- magnetron sputtering and vapor deposition), ion assisted processes, plasma assisted processes, electrodeposition, sol-gel coating and combination processes. The following spectroscopic and imaging methods are mainly available for investigation and characterization: AES, XPS (ESCA), FTIR, SEM and AAS. In addition, adhesion and coating thickness measurements, wear and friction investigations, as well as corrosion and electrochemical measurements can be performed.

Nickel plating in the PVD plant at Limedion

Satisfied customers:

  • Biotronik GmbH & Co. KG

    Layer development medical technology, surface analysis


    Coatings, surface analytics

  • Carl Zeiss AG

    Contract research, PVD coating

  • Continental AG

    Surface analytics

  • Freudenberg & Co. KG

    PVD coatings, XPS analysis

  • Heidelberg Instruments Microtechnology GmbH

    XPS analysis optical coatings

  • MITSUBISHI International GmbH

    Contract research, Li-ion batteries

  • Medentis Medical GmbH

    Surface analysis dental implants, PVD

  • Optimed Medizinische Instrumente GmbH

    Contract research, bioabsorbable stents, surface analysis

  • Osram AG

    Contract research lamp technology, PVD coatings, surface analytics

  • Oxira Inc.

    Bioactive coatings on stents and catheters

  • Siemens AG.

    PVD coating for medical applications

  • Spanset GmbH&Co.KG

    Surface analysis CrIII/CrVI determination

  • Tata Steel Europe

    Coatings, surface analysis

  • ThyssenKrupp AG

    PVD coating, XPS analysis

  • Varta Microbattery GmbH

    Coating development battery technology

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